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Oklahoma man’s online porn addiction leads police to recover stolen church computer

By Mason White 5:48 PM August 12, 2013
Troy Ridling  

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) An employee at a church called police after their computer was stolen.

Later, an online porn blocking site called the church to let them know that someone was trying to cancel the porn blocker, leading police to the home of the thief.

Troy Ridling, 29, of Owasso, Oklahoma, was arrested for stealing a computer from his church.

Police were called to the First Assembly of God in Owasso, to investigate the theft of a computer. According to police, there were no signs of forced entry and nothing was missing other than the computer, leading police to believe that it was an inside job.

The Owasso Police investigation did not look promising, considering that there were no witnesses, and no fingerprints.
All police had was a theory that it had to be someone, who was familiar with the church. This did not lead to any suspects, as many people are welcome into the church.

One day, the church received a call from a software company, Covenant Eyes, who reported that someone was trying to watch pornography on one of their computers.
They also told the church that Ridling called them directly and asked them to disable the porn blocking software that was on the computer.

Covenant Eyes denied his request, and ultimately helped police locate Ridling. Police were able to track down Ridling through the cell phone he used to call the software company.
When police showed up at Ridling’s house, he denied stealing the computer. He also denied that he tried to watch porn.

But officers found the computer, which belonged to the church in his bedroom.
Ridling was arrested and charged with burglary and possession of stolen property.