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New York doctor offers free cosmetic procedures to anyone who finds him a good Christian woman

By Mason White 5:52 PM August 12, 2013
Dr. Emil Chynn  

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A New York doctor is looking for Mrs. right and he is offering cash and cosmetic procedures as a reward to anyone, who sets him up on a date.

Dr. Emil Chynn, 47, who runs a successful ophthalmologist practice called Park Avenue LASEK, is offering free plastic surgery to anyone who manages to set him up with the girl of his dreams.

Dr. Chynn might be the most picky bachelor in New York. He wants a specific type of girl. He is so specific as to what he wants down to the skin color and dress size.

Dr. Chynn had already tried traditional and professional matchmakers. Even after paying tens of thousands of dollars to them and offering to make a $10,000 donation to the person’s favorite charity in exchange for a romantic introduction, Chynn has yet to find his dream girl.

But he’s not the type to give up easily, he has come up with a plan to get simple folks to help him find his dream girl.
He recently attended a networking event where he exchange business cards with all participants. After compiling an extensive mailing list from the business cards, he sent out a mass email to all new contacts with the details of the strange reward system.

Here are the details of Dr. Chynn’s reward system. If you set him up with a girl and he agrees to a first date, Chynn will pay you $100 in cash. If things go well, and they go on a second date, the matchmaker will receive $200 cash or a free eyelash-enhancer Latisse treatment. On the third date, he will pay $300 or a free Botox session. If they go on fourth date, the person will receive $400 or a free Juvederm injection. On the fifth date, he will perform a free Lasek surgery on one eye which is worth $2,000 or $500 in cash.

Sounds like a good deal, especially if you know a lot of single women, but wait, here are 47-year-old Dr. Chynn’s requirements for him to even consider the woman.
She must be between 27 and 35-years-old, she must be white, and skinny size 0 to 2. She has to have a college degree. She cannot have children, but must be willing to have children with him. She must love dogs.

She must be in good health, no smoking, no drugs, and no drinking.
She must also be a good Christian woman, and she must have spent at least six months outside the U.S.
“These are my strict parameters, they are not flexible,” he wrote in the mass email.

As you can imagine, the results so far have been disappointing. Since he sent out the mass emails, he had only two suggestions both of which he refused because they did not meet all his requirements. Good Luck doctor.