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Man and woman caught having sex in police van while being transported to jail

By Mason White 1:52 PM August 13, 2013
Alexis Garcia and Carlisa Brookins  

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A police officer was surprised to find two prisoners having sex while they were on their way to jail.

Carlisa Brookins, 22, and Alexis Garcia, 21, had just met while being transported from bookings to jail. Their brief encounter is something they will probably never forget.

The prison officer claims he saw Brookins performing oral sex on Garcia during his 2.9 mile drive from the Clark County Detention Center to the city jail. The officer was transporting the two and eight others to jail in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The inmates were separated into rows, with the women seated in the first two rows of the van and the men in the last two rows. All prisoners had been cuffed. The officer was surprised when he saw Brookins bent over her seat to perform oral sex on Garcia.
When the officer turned on the light, Brookins immediately sat down and made several comments about not being a prostitute because she did not charge Garcia.

Garcia’s arrest record includes several charges for drug possession. He was also arrested for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Brookins was arrested on charges of drug trafficking.

Once they were caught in the act, they were both transported back to the Clark County Detention Center where another charge was added. They were booked for voluntary sex with an inmate.