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Man finds bear eating Chinese food in his kitchen

By Mason White 1:46 PM August 13, 2013
Bear in a house illustration 

By: Shifra Unger
A man had the scare of his life when he came face to face with a big black bear in his kitchen.

David Edwards, 43, of Ketchum, Idaho, said he woke up at 3:00 am to noise of his barking dog.

After the dog continued barking aggressively, Edwards went to see what was wrong. He headed to the kitchen, where his Irish setter-Lab mix, named Stanley, was barking.
Along the way, he passed the living room where his wife, Sara, was sleeping on a couch.

“I looked into the kitchen and saw this big, furry animal,” Edwards said. The bear was standing next to the stove, licking the leftovers from a pot of Chinese stir fry, which the family had that evening for dinner.

The bear stood there and looked. “That was the most shocked I’ve ever been. I was surprised that the bear was there with a barking dog,” Edwards, who is a securities trader, said.

He knew he had to act quickly and get his wife out of harm’s way. “I could not tell her that there was a bear in the house because she would have lost her mind. She gets scared by spiders,” Edwards said.

The quick thinking husband woke up his wife and walked her to the bedroom without saying anything about the bear. Only when she was safely in bed did he return to the kitchen.

To his relief, the bear was gone. The only sign of his visit was a wide open door and a clean pot.
Edwards was quick to credit his dog for waking him up, and scaring the bear off before it got further into the house.
“The dog is the hero that saved the day. If not for Stanley, who knows what would have happened,” Edwards said.