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Man rapes woman, then stabs himself and blames rape victim for the injuries

By Mason White 11:55 AM August 14, 2013
Larry Embry 

By: David Ross
A man was arrested on rape related charges after he raped a woman.

The man then stabbed himself and attempted to blame the rape victim for his injuries.

Larry Embry, 43, of Louisville, Kentucky, was arrested by police on several charges, including rape, sodomy and robbery.
According to reports, Embry went to meet the mother of his child and requested that they have sex. However, when the woman refused to sleep with him, he proceeded to rape her.

When he finally left the room, the woman called the police. Meanwhile, the man found a pair of scissors and stabbed himself in the buttocks, in an effort to frame the victim. Embry allegedly told the woman he was going to tell police that she inflicted the wounds.

The woman then locked him out of the house, that’s when Embry hit his head against the siding of the house several times in attempt to have more injuries and blame the victim for it.

Embry attempted to blame the victim by telling police that she caused the injuries to his buttocks and his head. However, his plan backfired when a witness came forward after seeing Embry hitting his against the house.
When police arrived, Embry was placed under arrest.