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Man arrested after sending his former wife an empty envelope

By Mason White 11:46 AM August 14, 2013
Kenneth Ora Byron and Ann Marie Byron 

By: Shifra Unger
A man’s silly prank landed him and his former wife in jail.

Kenneth Ora Byron, 65, and his former wife, Ann Marie Byron, 45, of Maine, both have protective orders against each other.

They were taken to the county jail for violating the orders of protection over an empty envelope.
The arrests came after Kenneth Ora Byron used his daughter to deliver an envelope to her mother. He told his daughter that the envelope contained court documents that belonged to her mother.

However, when Ann Marie Byron opened the envelope she realized that it was empty.
Once she realized that there was nothing in the envelope, and that she had been fooled and disrespected by her former husband, she became very angry.

“She then called her former husband and she was quite explicit with her disdain for the empty envelope,” according to chief deputy Dale Lancaster.

Kenneth Ora Byron then called police to report that his former wife had violated the order of protection by calling him.
“It was determined that she violated the protective order by direct contact,” Lancaster said. Ann Marie Byron was arrested at her residence in Dexter.

After hearing the case, the District Attorney determined that Kenneth Ora Byron had also violated the order by making indirect contact with his former wife by sending her the empty envelope. He was arrested at his home in St. Albans.