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Ohio gun trainer shoots student during class

By Mason White 11:52 AM August 14, 2013
Gun illustration 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) What was supposed to be a course on how to use a gun safely, instead, sent a student to a hospital.

Gun instructor Terry Dunlap, 73, who runs a shooting range and training center in Ohio, was demonstrating how to use a gun when his gun fired, hitting his student.

Dunlap gave the class for people in Ohio seeking permits to carry a concealed firearm.
Michael Piemonte, and his wife Allison, both 26-years-old, were taking the class in the city of Lancaster in order to get a permit to carry a gun for their own safety.

During the class, Dunlap was demonstrating how to use a .38 caliber pistol when he accidentally hit Piemonte in the arm.
“It took a couple of seconds to realize I was shot,” Piemonte said. The student said that the .38 caliber bullet struck him between the elbow and armpit.

Among the 29 students of the gun-safety class, there were several nurses who helped stabilize Piemonte before he was transferred to the Grant Medical Center in Columbus.

Piemonte was grateful that he was not badly hurt and that the bullet did not hit a major artery or his head. “I am thankful that it only hit my arm. My wife was sitting just inches away from me. It could have easily hit her,” he said.

Piemonte is studying for a teaching degree at the Ohio State University and plans to teach in primary school. He and his wife, who already has her teaching degree, decided to apply for concealed carry weapons permits.

No charges have been filed against the instructor as the sheriff’s office listed the shooting on Saturday as accidental.
Piemonte was treated in a hospital and released the same night.

Most states require residents seeking a concealed weapon permit to take a government approved safety course, pass a criminal background check, and meet other requirements.