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Drunk man in China ends up in shipping container headed for the United States

By Mason White 10:04 AM August 14, 2013
Jiang Wu rescued 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A drunk man woke up and found himself locked in a shipping container headed to the United States.

The drunk mistook the shipping container for the hotel he was staying at.

Jiang Wu had been enjoying a night out in Qingdao, Shandong Province, in China, when he headed back to the B&B, also known as a “bed and breakfast”, he was staying at.
He was too drunk to know where he was and instead of going to his hotel he walked into a shipping container. After a few minutes he fell asleep.

Workers have not realized that WU was inside the container when they locked it. The workers have also stacked all the containers.
When he awoke, Wu found himself in a dark 60 foot-long metal crate, which was one of thousands of identical containers, all of which had been sealed and ready to be loaded onto a ship for a two-week trip to the United States.

Wu realized that he was stuck inside without a way to get out, but he had one thing going for him, his cell phone still had service and it worked inside the container, so he called for help.
“The container was sealed and he could not get out so he called everyone he knew for help and called us too,” a police spokesperson said.

“His problem was he could not tell us in which container he was and there were thousands of them stacked on top of another,” the police spokesperson added.
He was finally located in a container stacked 60 feet in the air. He was reported to be in good condition. In the video below you can see Wu being rescued from the container.

A dock worker said: “He is very lucky. If he had been asleep for another hour he would have ended up in the United States.”