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Four men arrested after stealing $10 sandwich from car

By Mason White 11:42 AM August 15, 2013
The four suspects 

By: John Roberts
A group of men thought that they found something valuable in a car.

They grabbed the bag and ran, but unfortunately for them the bag only contained a sandwich.

The four men were arrested in Newport Beach, California, on Sunday, and are accused of stealing a bag from a parked car.

Police received a call about 5:55 pm about a man, who was seen removing a bag from a parked vehicle, Newport Beach Police spokesperson Jennifer Manzella said. The car was locked, but the window was rolled down, she said.
After grabbing the bag, the suspect immediately got into a waiting vehicle. Three other people were seen in the car.

The caller described the vehicle and gave police the car’s license plate number. Officers stopped the vehicle, and recovered the stolen bag, which contained a sandwich. All four men were arrested.
The suspects were identified as Oscar Iglesias, 25, of South Gate, Daniel Godinez, 23, and Edwin Yhuit, 27, both of Cudahy, and Daniel Garcia, 28, of Chula Vista, they were all arrested on suspicion of theft and conspiracy, Manzella said.

In another incident of car theft, a boy in Russia was arrested after stealing 10 cars, and dumping some in nearby lake.
The 17-year-old admitted to stealing the 10 vehicles and then dumping some of them into a nearby lake.
The teen has been arrested and faces criminal charges after dumping some cars into the Glinka lake.

“In order to locate and recover the stolen vehicles, which were dumped into the lake, the police requested the help of the search and rescue unit from the regional Emergency Situations Ministry,” a police spokesperson said. “After a brief search, divers discovered the vehicles on the bottom of the Glinka lake and brought them to shore,” he said.

Police are working to assess the damage to the vehicles, the spokesperson also said.