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Arizona woman rips husband’s testicles apart during argument

By Mason White 11:41 AM August 15, 2013
Sylvia Yazzie 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A man was hospitalized and his wife was jailed after they had an argument that ended with a physical altercation and injuries.

During the argument, Sylvia Yazzie, 39, of Phoenix, Arizona, pulled her husband’s testicles causing his scrotum to tear open.

Police said Yazzie and her husband were having a discussion about 4:00 am on Sunday, when the argument became heated. In a fit of rage, the wife grabbed her husband’s testicles and yanked them.

According to court documents, Yazzie yanked at her husband’s testicles so hard until she ripped the scrotum. The man’s scrotum began bleeding.
The couple lives together and the have three children.

Yazzie was not quite finished at this point, according to the husband, Yazzie then jumped on top of him and began choking him.
The victim told police that he felt like he was going to lose consciousness during the attack.
When questioned by police, Yazzie explained her actions by blaming alcohol. It is alleged that Yazzie is an alcoholic.

Yazzie was booked into jail on charges of aggravated assault, temporary disfigurement, domestic assault and aggravated battery.
She faces two felony charges for the attack.

In another incident, a woman was arrested after stabbing her toddler in the groin over a fight with his father.
Krystal Thomas, 23, of Syracuse, New York was arrested after she allegedly stabbed the testicles of her 2-year-old son, in retaliation for an argument that she had with the child’s father.

According to police, the incident began when Thomas and her boyfriend, Ron Craven, got into an in an argument that spiraled out of control. Craven decided to leave the house for a while, hoping that Thomas would calm down in his absence.
The discussion moved outdoors where Thomas allegedly got into a car and tried to run Crave over. She accidentally hit the porch and a parked car.

When Crave later returned home, he found Thomas “acting strangely” while holding a butcher knife in her hand. Craven saw that his son was bleeding profusely from the groin area. The child was taken to an area hospital where it was discovered he had been stabbed in the testicles. The child was treated for the stab wound and is expected to recover.

The mother was booked into jail and charged with felony counts of assault, attempted assault and reckless endangerment. Her bail was set at $250,000 cash or $500,000 bond.