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Couple finds mummified cat during house renovation

By Mason White 10:57 AM August 15, 2013
Melanie Bruce holding mummified cat 

By: Moses Gold
While doing renovations to old houses, people have found many old and unique things.

Some have even found money that were hidden by previous owners.

Now, a couple has found a mummified cat while renovating their family home.
Melanie and Ian Bruce found the animal under floorboards near the entrance of the house in South Shields, United Kingdom. The couple said they believe the animal could have been there since Victorian times.

They named the unfortunate feline ‘Tutan-cat-mun’. The couple plans to keep the cat in a glass display case, so that people can see it when they visit. “Whenever anyone comes to the house they are mesmerized by the cat, it’s lovely,” Bruce said.

The mother of two, Bruce, 38, believes that the cat may have been mummified by one of the previous owners, who wanted to ward off evil spirits, she now believes that the mummified animal brings good luck.

“Everyone says that the house has a lovely atmosphere. I think Tutan-cat-mun is partly responsible for that,” she said.
The cat is very well-preserved, its tail, claws, teeth, whiskers are all in excellent shape.

“If we sell this property, we would not take it with us. It has been here bringing luck to this home for all these years and we do not want to change that,” Bruce said.