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Missouri man arrested after raping former wife, leading police on high speed chase

By Mason White 7:30 PM August 17, 2013
Robert E. Daniel 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) An act of kindness turned into nightmare for one woman, as she was raped.

Robert E. Daniel, 48, was arrested by the St. Peters Police Department in Missouri. He was charged with assault, rape and assault on a law enforcement officer, among other charges.

The victim told police that her former husband Daniel recently became homeless, so she allowed him stay in her basement for a few days.
One night, Daniel went into the victim’s room at about 3:00 am and woke her up. He wanted to have sex with her, but when she refused his request, he became angry and raped her repeatedly over three hours.

The victim told police that when she tried to resist, Daniel began to choke her. When police arrived, she reportedly had visible bruises from the attack.
He eventually fled the house before police arrived. Officers found him in his vehicle shortly thereafter. The police ordered him to get out of the car , but he refused and drove off, leading police on a high-speed chase.

During the chase, Daniel turned into a dead-end street. That is when he was boxed in by police vehicles. Instead of giving up, he accelerated his vehicle, driving into a police cruiser, and colliding head on.
Daniel was arrested. He was taken to St. Charles County Jail. His bond set was set at $150,000.

Daniel, who is a registered sex offender in Missouri, has an extensive criminal history including arrests for sexual assault, delivery and possession of a controlled substance, passing bad checks, illegal use of a weapon and domestic assault.