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911 operator lends her wedding dress to bride who reported gown stolen on wedding day

By Mason White 4:08 PM August 18, 2013
Amanda, Candice with the wedding dress 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A 911 operator saved the day for one bride, whose wedding gown was stolen just hours before the wedding.

The wedding day causes a lot stress for the bride. Imagine if the bride still needed to get a gown on the day of her wedding. Well, that’s what happened with a bride in Tacoma, Washington.

Amanda was getting ready to go to a wedding hall in order to celebrate her wedding. She placed her $6,000 wedding gown into a car and went back into the house to get other items.

When she came out again, she realized that her wedding dress was gone. The wedding ceremony was just a few hours away when her wedding dress was stolen. The distressed bride called 911 to report the theft, and she received more help than expected.

911 operator Candice, came to her rescue. Candice took the necessary information and sent police to the woman’s house. While Candice was on the phone with the bride, she asked what size her wedding gown was. “Size one or three,” the bride replied.

Candice, 28, had an idea. She was married 18 months before and she had a gown that size. She asked her supervisor if she can offer Amanda her wedding gown. When she got the approval, the 911 operator sent a photo of herself in the gown to an officer on the scene. The officer showed the photo to the bride and asked if she would like to borrow that wedding dress for her special day.

With just hours to go before the wedding, the bride gladly accepted, and it fit perfectly.
Newlywed Amanda surprised 911 operator Candice at her office to return her dress, and to say a heartfelt thank you to the woman she credits with saving her wedding day.

Candice is happy she was able to help. “It feels so good she got to have a wedding dress on her wedding day. I’ve been a bride and I know that it’s awesome. I made a new friend today,” Candice said.
Candice seems to be the perfect person for the 911 job, which is all about helping people in stressful situations.