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Sea snail hatches inside 4-year-old boy’s knee

By Mason White 3:40 PM August 18, 2013
Paul Franklin with his mother 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A day at the beach left a young boy with a bruised and an itchy knee.

To the surprise of everyone, a sea snail hatched and grew inside his knee.

It all began when 4-year-old Paul Franklin of Aliso Viejo, California, went to the beach with his family. At the beach, he fell on a rock and cut his knee.

When the affected area became swollen, Paul’s mother, Rachael, took him for urgent care. At first, the doctor did not see anything wrong with the child. However, when the wound would not heal, his parents repeatedly took him to the doctor. At one point, the doctor said that Paul had a staph infection.

Three weeks after treatment with antibiotics, the wound has not healed, in fact, Rachael watched as her son’s knee was getting bigger and black. “It was the size of an orange,” Rachael said. The mother squeezed the wound to drain it.

A black thing came out of her son’s knee. At first, the mother thought it was a small stone but she realized that it moved! “It looked like a rock, it was a black thing, I put it on paper-towel. When I turned it over, it was a sea-snail,” Racheal said.

Paul’s father, Ken, believes his son must have fallen into a nest in the rock, forcing an egg into his knee, where it hatched.
The family decided to keep the snail in a fish tank. Paul, whose knee is almost fully healed, has named the snail Turbo.