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Bus driver fired after being caught on video clipping his nails while driving

By Mason White 3:56 PM August 18, 2013
Bus driver clipping his nails 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A bus passenger was shocked when he saw the bus driver cutting his nails while operating the bus.

The passenger in Singapore took a video of a driver cutting his nails with a nail clipper.

After the video was posted online, the driver lost his job. The bus driver has been fired after he was caught on video cutting his nails while driving on a highway, transportation officials said.

The video shows the driver resting his left hand on the steering wheel while cutting his nails with a clipper, which he held in his right hand.

He then raised his left hand from the steering wheel to examine if his nails were trimmed well. The footage was captured on a SMRT, which carried passengers from Changi Airport to the northern suburbs.
It is not clear how fast the man was driving at the time. The maximum speed limit on the highway is 56 miles hours.

After seeing the video, the SMRT bus company immediately fired the driver and they released a statement saying: “We would like to stress that passenger safety is our priority, and our bus drivers are constantly reminded to observe safe driving habits while on the roads,” a SMRT spokesperson said.

“We investigated the incident and have taken appropriate disciplinary action against the driver. He was fired immediately,” the spokesperson also said.

The SMRT Buses is the public bus transport operating in Singapore. SMRT also operates the train and the taxi service. They are one of the two main public transportation operators in Singapore.