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Florida man offers female beachgoers $200 to kiss their behind

By Mason White 4:07 PM August 18, 2013
Offer for $200 

By: Debbi Gross
(Scroll down for video) For some, going to the beach means seeing hot women in bikinis.

While most of these people are satisfied with looking at women in their bikinis, one man wanted to touch and kiss the girls’ behinds.

The man, who was dubbed the “Butt-Kissing Flasher,” was described as a heavy-set man, around 35-years-old, with man boobs, and a tattoo on his right bicep. He offers women money in exchange for a kiss on their behinds.

Police in Venice, Florida, said there have been at least four reports of the “Butt-Kissing Flasher”.
In one case, two women said they were given a note asking if he could kiss their behind for $200.

The man wrote a note to the girls and dropped it next to the girls. When the girls opened the note, they were disgusted.
“I’ll give one of you $200 or $100 each if you let me kiss your butt. Come up here and we can do it,” he wrote in the note.

He went on to write: “If you wave at me, I’ll drop to my knees and play with myself while you watch. I’ll leave the money on the floor and I’ll walk away.”
When victims did not respond, he allegedly removed the towel and acted inappropriately. Instead of accepting his offer, the victims took a picture of the perverted man.

Police are still looking for the man. Anyone with information on the man is asked to call the Venice Police Department at (941) 468-2444.