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Truck driver dies after accidentally shooting himself in the genitals

By Mason White 6:30 PM August 19, 2013
Man holding privates illustration  

By: Debbi Gross
What started as a fun party between co-workers ended in tragedy, as one of them died.

A truck driver in Rosales, Philippines, died after accidentally shooting himself in the genitals, Pangasinan Police said.

Geronimo Narciso, 37, along with his co-workers were drinking and having a good time at the Tagumpay Lumber and Construction Supply company, where he worked as a truck driver. During the celebration, he drew his weapon and fired two celebratory shots, Pangasinan Police spokesperson Ryan Manongdo said.

His drinking buddies, Arnel Nacino and Edwin Alcera, asked him to stop firing the gun, Manongdo said.
Narciso agreed to their request, but as he was putting his gun back into its holder on his waistband, it fired, hitting him in the crotch. His co-workers took him to Dr. Marcelo M. at the Chan Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police recovered a .22 caliber pistol with four rounds of live ammunition and some spent shells in the area. Police said that there were no signs of violence at the scene, thereby declaring it an accident. However, the Narciso family is insisting that Geronimo Narciso did not own a gun and they are demanding an investigation.