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Store owner defends his offensive ‘Immigrant Bag’ sign

By Mason White 6:36 PM August 19, 2013
The sign  

By: Debbi Gross
A store owner is accused of using racism to attract attention to his store.

The store owner in the United Kingdom has been accused of racism by posting a sign on his store announcing that he sells “immigrant bags”.

The hand-drawn poster shows a cartoon of a black man carrying two pieces of luggage with a sign that reads: “zippity doo dah, zip-up immigrant bags $1.50.”
A photo of the sign was posted online it has caused outrage on social media sites.

The owner of the Benefactors Hardware store in Crowborough, East Sussex, said he does not understand what the fuss is all about as he does not believe that the sign is offensive.

“The bags are called ‘immigrants bags’ so I drew a picture of an immigrant to go with them,” Benefactors’ owner, Bruce Webster, said. He also said: “I do not see the problem, people get so touchy about little things these days.”

The sign came to light after music composer Nick Harvey uploaded a photo of the sign to @mrnickharvey and he tweeted: “Since moving to Crowborough a year ago, a couple of people have told me of its racist undertone, but nothing could prepare me for that.”

The Sussex Police are investigating to see whether crimes have been committed.
People in the town were quick to respond by saying that the sign does not represent the views of the town.

“These comments don’t reflect the views of the overwhelming majority of people in Crowborough, who are friendly and welcoming,” a community member said.
Webster agreed to remove the sign “if people oppose it.”