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Relaxing pillows shaped like woman’s lap becomes popular

By Mason White 10:18 AM August 20, 2013
Woman’s lap pillow  

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) Don’t have a girlfriend? No problem. Now, you can feel warm and cozy with the “woman’s lap pillow.”

This specialty pillow is designed to replicate the experience of relaxing in the lap of a woman.

The Himazakura Lap Pillow is still a bestseller in Japan. On the popular online store, Japan Trend Shop, the Himazakura Lap Pillow is described as smooth to the touch, and perfectly suited to lay your head on. “You will be surprised how comfortable and real it feels,” the website states.
The pillow is shaped as a kneeling woman, and it has a fabric which looks like a short skirt.

The pillow was made to recreate the comfortable feeling of sleeping in a woman’s lap.
When you lay on the pillow you can imagine laying on your mother’s lap, if that brings you warm and fuzzy memories, or on your loving wife/girlfriend’s lap if that makes you feel good. You can also think about your fantasy girlfriend with the short skirt wearing lap pillow.

The pillow was launched by the Trane Corporation and was advertised as an accessory for healing homesickness.

The woman’s lap pillow was an instant hit with lonely men, and still is proving to be a hit today. The item is sold out both on Japan Trend Shop and Amazon Japan, and is flying off the shelves of duty-free shops in Tokyo and Narita international airport, where many people buy it as a novelty gift for friends and family.