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Unique restaurant seats only two people for the most romantic experience

By Mason White 5:53 PM August 21, 2013
Solo Per Due restaurant 

By: Moses Gold
A unique restaurant was designed to give patrons the ultimate romantic experience.

The Solo Per Due restaurant is the world’s smallest restaurant as it seats only two people at a time.

The dining couple gets the full attention of the chef and servers.
This unique restaurant is nestled in the village of Vacone, in central Italy. The Solo Per Due restaurant has just one table for two people.

Then name “Solo Per Due”, is Italian for “just for two”. This unique feature makes the Italian restaurant a popular destination for locals and tourists from around the world, especially for lovers.

From a candlelit driveway and a personal welcome by owner Remo Di Claudio, who takes the couple to their table for an exclusive dining experience, to the personal service, thus making it a truly amazing experience.

There are no lines, and no waiting. There is peace and quiet, allowing diners to eat undisturbed. The restaurant’s servers are literally at guests’ beck and call, and they can be summoned with the ring of a silver bell.

People have to book in advance as only about 1,500 people have the opportunity to enjoy Solo Per Due each year. The price for a romantic night out at Solo Per Due is $335 per person, wine and champagne are extra.

The idea behind this unique restaurant is that guests enjoy true intimacy and get all the attention from the kitchen and the servers, who ensure an extra special dining experience.

Housed in a 19th century building, Solo Per Due features traditional decor with a cozy fireplace, chandeliers and candles. The couple can choose from a menu which is based on a selection of fresh, local and homemade ingredients. The couple can choose the music to be played for their special night.