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Married South Carolina man arrested after paying prostitute with $10 in quarters

By Mason White 6:10 PM August 21, 2013
Larry Collum and Rhonda Kelley 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A man got a great bargain when a prostitute agreed to take only $10 for her services.

The man paid the prostitute $10 in quarters, but before he could get what he paid for he was arrested by police.

Larry Collum, 63, of Greenwood, South Carolina, was arrested Wednesday night after police stopped him because he was driving too slow.

There was another reason police were following him, they suspect illegal activity. The officer noticed Rhonda Kelley, 41, in the passenger seat of the car. Kelley is well-known to police as she has been arrested for prostitution before.

At first, Collum told police he was giving his lady friend a ride home. But while being interrogated, he was told that Kelly was a known prostitute. That’s when he admitted to paying her with a $10 roll of quarters.

Police found the roll of quarters in Kelley’s possession, but she denied getting the money from Collum.
Collum was charged with soliciting a prostitute, while Kelley was booked on charges of prostitution.

Collum was taken to the Greenwood County Detention Center where he allegedly told officers he paid for sex because his wife had been in a nursing home for 13 years. He said he had made a grave error of judgment.

This is not the first time Kelley made headlines by prostituting herself.
A few months ago, she was arrested for prostitution along with Marvin Holmes, 33, who was accused of pawning his wedding ring to pay Kelley for sex.

Kelley and Holmes went to a pawn shop where Kelley received $20 for the ring. Then, they stopped at a “crack house” where Kelley bought and smoked the drugs before they had sex. They were both arrested and charged with solicitation of prostitution.