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Bride with big heart has 80 bridesmaids at her wedding

By Mason White 11:43 AM August 21, 2013
The bride, groom and 80 bridesmaids 

By: Debbi Gross
(Scroll down for video) For a bride, her wedding day is very special, for it is something she has dreamed about since she was a young girl.

For many brides, picking the bridesmaids is a very tough and stressful job, as they are concerned about hurting the feelings of their loved ones.

One bride, Katie Dalby, 26, who married the love of her life, Norman Gooch, 37, a firefighter, chose a different path for their wedding. She honored 80 people to be her bridesmaids. So who were the bridesmaids? Dalby, is the owner Katie’s Boogie Shoes Dance Academy in Harwich, England, and many of her dance student were bridesmaids.

She had three sister-in-laws, her niece, her cousin, her best friend and 76 of her former students as bridesmaids. “It made my special day even more special,” the bride said about her bridesmaids.
Over the years, Dalby spoke to her students about her wedding and they spoke about being her bridesmaids.

When she set the date for her wedding, the girls were super excited and some asked to be included in the wedding. “It would not have been fair to choose two or three of them,” Dalby said. “So the only solution was to invite all 76 of them. I did not want to exclude anyone,” she said.

The girls brought their own bridesmaids dresses, all in the specified color. The ages of her bridesmaids ranged from 2 to 17-years-old. After the ceremony, guests, including all of the bridesmaids and many of their parents, went to a local waterfront hotel for the reception.