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Rich man seen on video using money as tissue

By Mason White 11:19 AM August 22, 2013
Man wiping face with money 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A rich man made many people cringe after he was seen on television using money instead of a tissue to wipe himself.

A man was seen on video pulling out a 50 euro bill to wipe his face after he was stuck in the rain with no umbrella.

Seems like there are some rich people, who have too much money, and don’t know what to do with it.

As a television presenter was interviewing Horse Racing & PR Manager Barry Orr in the rain at the Galway Race track in Ireland, a man, was seen in the background using money to wipe away water from his face.

The man, who did not have an umbrella, was getting wet when he was seen rummaging through his jacket pockets. But instead of a taking out a handkerchief or tissue, the racing fan pulled out a 50 euro note and wiped his wet face with it.

The man appeared completely unfazed while wiping his face with with money worth around $66. Ironically, money was unable to buy him protection from the rain.

Some people suggested that the man did it just to get noticed on television. “He got what he wanted, his face was on television, congratulations on the successful feat,” an internet use wrote.
Others claim that it was not real money, but rather a tissue with currency printed on it.