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TV personality Dr. Oz rushes to help woman with severed leg in New York

By Mason White 11:36 AM August 22, 2013
Dr, OZ, David Justino, and Sian Green 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) When a british tourist in New York City was hit by a taxi, well-known television personality, Dr. Mehmet Oz rushed to help stabilize her.

Sian Green, 23, was eating a hotdog from a vendor near Rockefeller Center in Manhattan when she was hit by a taxi.
The taxi swerved after hitting a cyclist, crashed into Green and severed her foot.

She remained conscious during the whole ordeal, which occurred shortly after 11:00 am. She was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, where she is in critical condition.

Sian, who just arrived in New York from the United kingdom on Monday night, also suffered injuries to her other leg.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has an office nearby, heard the commotion and ran to help the woman.

David Justino, a 44-year-old plumber, who also witnessed the accident, took off his belt and used it as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding before paramedics arrived. Other bystanders reportedly collected ice from street vendors in an attempt to save the severed leg.

The taxi driver, 24-year-old Faysal Kabir Mohammad Himon, who was not hurt, was questioned by police.
The bicyclist, Kenneth Olivo, 40, who was hit by the taxi before it struck Green, was also questioned by police.

“I’m in shock, nothing like this has happened to me before,” Himon said. His brother, Sayed Shamen, reportedly said that Himon had gotten into a fight with the cyclist, and hit the accelerator instead of the brake.

But the cyclist claimed that the driver hit him first, and then lost control of his car. Olivo said that he cycled to the right of the cab before the driver suddenly cut him off and started honking his horn.
Himon has been issued a summons for being an unauthorized driver and was freed from police custody.