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Woman wakes from coma, discovers she is pregnant

By Mason White 8:09 PM August 24, 2013
Gemma Holmes with mom Julie and baby Ruben 

By: Sarah Weiss
A woman learned that she was pregnant, but has no idea who the baby’s father is.

The woman was in a coma after she was involved in a horrific accident. She awoke from the coma to find that she was 12 weeks pregnant.

Gemma Holmes was riding a motorcycle when she was thrown to the other side of a busy road hitting a light pole. She suffered extensive injuries including a broken back, and doctors did not expect her to survive. But she defied the odds and is now on the road to recovery.

While in the hospital, tests revealed that Holmes was 12 weeks pregnant.
Since Holmes was in a coma, doctors asked her mother, Julie, to make the decision about whether to keep the baby or terminate the pregnancy.

“The doctors suggested terminating the pregnancy saying that she would not be able to undergo surgery to repair her back until after she gave birth. So many things went through my mind, but I wanted to wait until my daughter was awake to let her make the decision,” Julie, who has assumed the role of full-time caretaker of Holmes as she is confined to a wheelchair, said.

When Holmes finally awoke she was given the news about her pregnancy, but she had no memory of having been in a relationship because she suffers from severe memory loss. The three previous years of her life were totally blank.

Despite her serious health problems, Holmes decided to keep the baby. “I thought if this little baby inside me had survived the terrible accident it was meant to be,” Holmes said.

Holmes endured considerable pain during pregnancy as she was unable to take high doses of painkillers, which can harm the fetus.
Recently, Holmes gave birth to her baby, Ruben Miracle Holmes, via cesarean.

The mother and child are doing well. “Ruben is my little miracle and I really hope that someday I will be able to run around with him,” she said.