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Restaurants caught buying rotten produce taken from dumpster

By Mason White 1:27 PM August 25, 2013
Dumpster diving illustration 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) When business is tough some restaurants will do anything to save money, apparently, that includes buying and serving rotten food.

An investigation in Florida exposed men, who took rotten vegetables from a dumpster and then sold them on the cheap to restaurant owners.

Several men were seen going through dumpsters at the Miami Produce Center picking some produce and then packing them in boxes.

The Miami Produce Center serves as the produce hub for South Florida where fresh fruits and vegetables are sold to restaurants, produce companies, and supermarkets. Rotten produce gets discarded and it can’t be donated because it would be a liability if someone got sick.

Video captured the men picking up these discarded vegetables from a dumpster. Then one of the men headed to the parking lot of the Miami Produce Center where he sold them to restaurant owners.

When he was confronted, the man, who sold the rotten food said: “I’m not selling anything to anyone. This is for a guy who is my friend.” However, the man was in fact seen selling the produce for cash.

The camera then followed the customers to the restaurants. When they were asked if they knew where the food came from, of course they said that they had no idea. One woman said that it was the first time she bought from the man and she had no idea it was taken from a dumpster. She returned the produce and got her money back.