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Tennessee church ousts member for supporting lesbian daughter

By Mason White 1:30 PM August 26, 2013
Detective Kat Cooper right, with her wife Krista  

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A family was forced out of their church because they chose to openly support their lesbian daughter.

Linda Cooper and her family had attended the Ridgedale Church of Christ for six decades, but now, she is no longer welcomed.

The church was angered when Linda Cooper stood at her daughter’s side while her daughter fought for the rights of same-sex couples.

Linda Cooper was asked to condemn her daughter’s lesbian lifestyle in front of the congregation, but when she refused to do so, she was ousted.

Kat Cooper, a police detective in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and her partner Krista, were married in Maryland in May. They have been fighting the Collegedale city in an effort to be granted the same rights as heterosexual couples.

The city of Chattanooga made the decision to grant benefits to same-sex couples, which was a victory for Copper and other same-sex couples, who work for the city.

Throughout the legal process, Linda Cooper supported her daughter. This did not sit well with the church, and she was asked to publicly denounce the lifestyle of her daughter or leave the church.

The mother was forced to choose between her church and her daughter. Linda Cooper chose her daughter and left the church.