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Bride and groom dressed as clowns entertain their guests

By Mason White 2:44 PM August 26, 2013
Bride and groom dressed as clowns 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A bride and groom chose to make their wedding an unforgettable and enjoyable occasion.

Billy Tedeski and Patty Kulwicki weren’t clowning around when they pledged to love and cherish each other until death do them part.

Tedeski has been performing as a clown for 41 years while his bride, Kulwicki, sometimes joins him on stage. Therefore, a clown wedding at the annual clown festival in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was a no-brainer for them.

In the video below you can see the groom, who was wearing a fake red nose and black lipstick, and the bride, who wore her white gown with an orange wig.

The groom had some tricks up his sleeves, which kept the guests laughing as they exchanged their vows. “Clowning around just means a lot to him,” Kulwicki said of her new husband. “So when he asked me to do a clown wedding I could not think of anything that would make him happier,” she said.

To Tedeski, having a clown themed wedding was more than just a way to express his passion, it was also to celebrate his special relationship with Kulwicki.

“I’ve had two wives, but this is my first partner,” he said of his beloved new wife. She is the first woman, who has participated in the clown acts with him and together they are a team. “We mesh so wonderfully,” he said.