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Man turns to hug girlfriend only to find fox in bed with him

By Mason White 6:25 PM August 27, 2013
Fox in bed illustration 

By: John Roberts
A man woke up in the morning and rolled over to give his girlfriend a hug, but instead he felt a furry thing beside him.

Leon Smith, 30, was surprised to find a fox in his bed next to him.

Smith described what happened. He said that he woke up when he felt a warm touch on his back. He thought that his girlfriend, Sophie Merrell, had lovingly stroked the back of his neck. That is when he turned around to hug her.

However, Merrell had already left for work. When he reached out for the hug he felt fur and was shocked to find a fox in the bed.
Leon of Hampton Hill, London, England, believes that the fox got into his house through the cat flap in the door.

“I could not believe that the fox was so calm, it just stared at me.,” Leon said. The IT worker took his phone and took a photo of the fox sitting on his bed before it walked out of his bedroom. The fox sat in his hallway for about 10 minutes before Leon finally chased him out of the house.

When Merrell heard about the strange animal, which jumped in bed and cosied up to her boyfriend, she laughed. Merrell admitted that she is nervous about the possibility that the fox can come back for a visit.

The couple might remove the cat flap to stop the animal from entering again.