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Thieves break into home to take photos of valuables, then return to steal when they find a buyer

By Mason White 11:17 AM August 28, 2013
Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Jordan Green (left)
Carlos Rivera Leandre Green (right) 

By: David Ross
A group of robbers came up with an interesting way of making money, by selling other people’s valuables.

Three men in Florida are accused of breaking into a home to take photos of the valuables, but they did not actually take the items at that time.

The men uploaded those photos to Facebook and advertised the products for sale, according to a press release by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. The men waited for a customer to show. When someone was interested in buying the item, the men returned to the house to steal the merchandise.

The scheme may have worked for a while. Eventually, their crime was uncovered when they found a potential buyer, who was interested in buying a refrigerator that had been photographed inside a stranger’s home and put up for sale.

The men arranged for the customer to meet them at the stranger’s home where they were going to steal the refrigerator and facilitate the sale, according to deputies.

During an investigation, deputies learned that the house has already once been burglarized. However, a concerned neighbor, who witnessed the men entering the house, foiled their plan by calling police.

Deputies soon arrived and surrounded the house. One suspect, who was identified as Jordan Christopher Green, 25, tried to escape from the back door and was arrested after a tussle with police.

The other suspects, Carlos Adolfo Rivera, 27, and Leandre Taylor Bradley Green, 27, were taken into custody without incident, the statement said. All three were charged with burglary and grand theft, while Jordan Christopher Green had an additional charge of resisting arrest without violence.