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Man arrested for using president’s poster as toilet paper

By Mason White 10:51 AM August 29, 2013
Poster of President Robert Mugabe illustration 

By: Moses Gold
Before going into the bathroom make sure to have enough toilet paper.

A man in Masvingo, Zimbabwe got into trouble after he tried to use an election campaign poster as toilet paper.

According to police, Takura Mufumusi, 26, went to a bathroom at a bar, but found no toilet paper. He searched for something to use to wipe himself. He found a poster of President Robert Mugabe on the wall and decided to use the poster as toilet paper.

“He tore the poster, which had the face of Mugabe, with the intention of using it as toilet paper,” police said.
But he was stopped by another man named Osman Musengi, who was also in the bathroom at the time.

Musengi made ​​a citizen’s arrest, and waited for police to arrive. Mufumusi was charged for violating the Electoral Act and destruction of political material.
In Zimbabwe it is a crime to pull down election campaign posters.

A Zimbabwean Magistrate’s Court judge later dismissed the case because there was not enough evidence proving that the man intended to use the poster of President Robert Mugabe as toilet paper in the bar.

“Mufumusi was acquitted by a Magistrate’s Court because of a lack of evidence,” his lawyer, Shumba Phillip, confirmed.
Despite the fact that his poster was torn from the bar, President Mugabe, 89, won a seventh term in office, beating his rival, Morgan Tsvangirai.