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Blind man takes another blind man to court for cheating with his wife

By Mason White 10:54 AM August 29, 2013
Blind couple illustration 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A blind man was angry after his friend, who is also blind, slept with his wife.

26-year-old Shaibu Ibrahim, of Nigeria, told the court that his friend Shehu Sarki enticed his wife.

Shehu Sarki, 32, is the chairman of the Blind Peoples Association. Shaibu learned that his friend slept with his wife, Lami Ibrahim, 23.

Ironically, the chairman, who is accused of sleeping with his friend’s wife, was the one who introduced the two to each other.
“Sometime in June, our chairman, Sarki, helped me get a woman for marriage,” Ibrahim said.

“After our wedding, Sarki enticed my wife and took her away from my house. Later, I learned that my wife was staying in one of his rooms where he has been sleeping with her,” Ibrahim added.

If convicted, the defendant could spend two years in prison.
Sarki, however, denies the allegations and pleaded not guilty.
Judge Albert Maga granted bail in the amount of N20,000 or approximately $135.