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Grandmother happy that her grandson was killed by locals

By Mason White 1:38 PM August 30, 2013
Sindisiwe Mthembu 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A grandmother is happy that her grandson, 24, was finally killed.

On Monday afternoon, a young man, Zakhele Mkhize, 24, was caught stealing a laptop computer from a young boy.

His neighbors in KwaMakhutha, South Africa, beat him to death. People were angry as Mkhize had stolen many times in the past. The locals tied his legs so he cannot escape and beat him until he died.

His cousin, Thabani Mkhize, 23, said that Mkhize stole often and this was not the first time he was beaten for stealing.
“On different occasions, angry locals tied him up and beat him, but he just would not die. This time they managed to kill him,” Mkhize said. “He said he did not want to steal anymore, but he could not stop, we are better off without him,” she added.

One would think that the grandmother would mourn the loss of her grandson, but instead, she was happy to get rid of him.
Zakhele’s grandmother, Sindisiwe Mthembu, 56, said: “His death was long overdue, he has caused the family nothing but pain. I’m glad he’s dead. Now, there will be peace for everyone.”

“He used to refer to himself as garbage. He knew was a thief and a liar,” grandma Mthembu said. “At school he used the name of his cousin to move up to the next grade. He was a dishonest young man and nobody will miss him,” she added.
Police chief Thulani Zwane said that a murder investigation has been opened, but so far no arrests had been made. May he rest in peace.