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Mother trashes store than strips inside in dispute over cellphone

By Mason White 2:06 PM August 30, 2013

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A woman tried to return a cellphone, but when the store refused to return her money she became outraged.

The woman was angry after the store refused to take back the cellphone, which her son bought two weeks earlier.

When the phone was purchased, the store employee promised a money back guarantee if they were not fully satisfied. But when the mother of Detroit, Michigan, tried to return her son’s cellphone, the worker refused to take it back.

He explained that “there was 7 day money back guarantee”, and her phone was two weeks old. The two got into a shouting match, prompting the employee to record the exchange.

The woman insisted in getting a refund. The employee, who shot the footage said that he was trying to explain to the angry mother that her son’s purchase exceeded the store’s 7-day refund policy, but the mother was not taking no for an answer.

The mother started cursing. She then removed signs from the wall and threw pamphlets to the ground. She even used a knife to damage display cases.

Things took a strange turn when the mother addressed the employee, who was recording her. “Take my picture. Take that!” The woman said, as she lifted her dress and smacked herself on the backside.

She then walked up to the employee so he can get a close up photo of her. “Take that! Do you understand? Cause I’ll be back. Got that close? Cheese!” She said.

When local news media reached out the mother, who was identified as Stephanie, so she can explain her bizarre behavior, the woman said: “I want you to know there’s a reason I had to do that, the cell phone store sold my son an outdated, damaged phone.”

She wants the store to give her another phone or return the $200 her son spent for the phone.
The store plans to file charges against the woman for vandalizing their store.