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Rooster swallows woman’s earring, will wait 8 years to get it back

By Mason White 11:29 AM September 3, 2013
Claire Lennon with her rooster 

By: Moses Gold
A woman lost her earring after her pet rooster decided to eat it.

The unlucky woman, whose pet rooster swallowed her diamond earring, will wait until it dies to recover her precious jewelry.

Claire Lennon of Berkshire, United Kingdom, lost her earring to her pet rooster named Sarah. Sarah swallowed her earring while it was sitting on her shoulder.

She will wait eight years to get her hands on the 300 pound gem that her partner Adam, 38, gave her.
A veterinarian said that the earring is trapped inside the stomach of the six-month-old pet.

“The veterinarian said he could retrieve the earring, but the procedure could kill Sarah, and that would be devastating to our six-year-old daughter Mia. So we’ll have to wait until Sarah grows old and dies. It is likely that it is doing to take another eight years before I get my earring back,” Claire, also 38, said.

“I felt this sudden sharp pain in my earlobe and I realized that Sarah had swallowed up the earring,” she also said.