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Mother beats up her child’s teacher after he comes home with scratch

By Mason White 2:44 PM September 9, 2013
Truman Elementary School 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A mother was slapped with charges after she beat up her child’s teacher, according to police reports in Missouri.

Kansas City Police said that a mother was arrested for assault after she allegedly hit her son’s kindergarten teacher on Thursday night, at Truman Elementary School in the Hickman Mills School District.

According to police reports, the 24-year-old mother, Simone A. Baker, grabbed the 49-year-old teacher from her chair by her hair, punched her repeatedly in the face and hit her head against a cabinet.

The mother was upset because her 6-year-old son had come home on Thursday with a scratch on his neck that he said came from the teacher, who had disciplined him that day.

But on Friday, the boy’s father took his son to school, and the boy told police that the teacher was not the one who scratched him.

After seeing the scratch, the mother called the school, which has an after school program, and angrily told the principal that she was on her way. The principal told her not to come, but the mother said she was outside and planned to enter the school.

The principal told the mother at the door that they would organize a meeting to discuss the incident involving her son.
The mother bolted down the hall at full speed towards the classroom of her child.

The teacher was on the phone talking to another parent when the mother came in and said: “You better not touch my child again.”
She ran behind the table where the teacher was sitting and hit her five to ten times in the face.

She grabbed the teacher by the hair, pulled her out of the chair and hit her head against a cabinet twice before running out of the classroom and out of the building.

The teacher suffered redness and bruising to his face. Police officers went to the home of the mother, but could not find her. The mother was later charged with assault.