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Man with longest tongue hits new record as it keeps growing

By Mason White 5:13 PM September 9, 2013
Stephen Taylor 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) A man, who officially has the longest tongue in the world, received some cheerful news recently.

The man with the world’s longest tongue, measuring at 3.8 inches long, is happy that he gets to keep the record.

The tongue of Stephen Taylor, who lives in the United Kingdom, has grown 0.2 inches from the last time it was measured for the record books in 2009. It is also expected to continue growing.

His extra long tongue has made him famous worldwide, and he once shared a 10-second kiss with actress Brigitte Nielsen in front of a live television audience in Italy.

Nielsen admitted that she was left speechless by the size of Stephen’s tongue.
“Nielsen decided to give me a kiss and she was quite amazed at the size of it,” Taylor said.

Taylor said that his partner, Rachel, 45 was a little afraid at first .
Guinness officials measured from the center of the tongue to the tip of the tongue.

The average length of a tongue measure is 0.78 inches long.
Scientists have been unable to explain why his tongue is so long.