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Legally dead man sues New York to regain status as living person

By Mason White 11:41 AM September 10, 2013
Juan Antonio Arias 

By: Moses Gold
A man has filed a lawsuit against the city of New York in order to get back his status as a living human being, according to a lawsuit filed in court.

Juan Antonio Arias of Bronx, New York, wants everyone to know he’s alive. One would assume that the fact would be obvious.
However, the City of New York is still skeptical.

According to the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, Arias, 57, a father of two, died four years ago. Someone at the hospital put his name and date of birth on a death certificate and filed it with the city.

Arias said he has no idea why the hospital decided to kill him. In fact, he had no idea that he was legally dead until the following year when without any explanation, his state benefits stopped appearing.

Then, he found that his credit cards were canceled. He went to the bank, but they had closed his account.

He paid his taxes like any other citizen, but the money was sent back to him because he was dead.
Arias is now suing the city to recover the legal status of a living human being.

Actually, Arias has sued the city for the third time. The first time, his lawyer did not appear and the lawsuit was rejected. The second time, his second lawyer missed a court deadline.