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Group of Florida men brutally beat former marine after sticking up for bullied teen

By Mason White 11:49 AM September 12, 2013
Wen Jones 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) Several men were arrested and charged with assault related charges after allegedly brutally beating a former U.S. Marine for sticking up for a bullied teen, according to police reports in Florida.

Now, the Marine said that despite suffering a concussion, broken bones and surgery, he would probably stick up for a bullied victim again.

The 43-year-old said he made ​​the right decision when he tried to stop three thugs from harassing a 14-year-old at the beach.

The man, Wen Jones, paid a high price for being a Good Samaritan after the group of 20-year-olds jumped on him and beat him.

The father of two children required surgery to correct a fracture under his eye. He also had stitches all over his face.

On Wednesday, authorities arrested the last of the three men accused of punching Jones.

Cody Moore Roon, Tyler Dylan Carswell and Eric Michael Deiter, all of Palm Beach County, are now facing charges of aggravated assault because of the severity of the injuries.