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Two Famous Dave’s waitresses fired after their racist photo was posted on Facebook

By Mason White 12:10 PM September 17, 2013
Andrea Casson 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) Two employees were fired after a racist photo they thought disappeared became a viral hit on the Internet.

Two employees of a Famous Dave’s BBQ restaurant in Bismarck, North Dakota, were fired this week after a racially charged Facebook message went viral.

The message included a photo showing Andrea Casson, a Famous Dave employee, posing with a sign suggesting that Native Americans are bad tippers.

Last week, the city organized the United Tribes International Pow Wow, a festival that attracts tens of thousands of Native Americans to the area.

Casson denied making the cardboard sign, but she does not deny posing for the photo.

“One of my friends, who worked there and came to visit, asked me to hold this poster up in order to send it to Snapchat,” Casson said.

Unfortunately for Casson, Snapchat, a photo sharing application where images are destined to disappear after being received, wasn’t the only place the photo ended up on.

The photo was also posted on Facebook, and the two employees have been fired.

The restaurant owner Mike Wright issued this statement on Facebook:

“When an employee decides to make an a** of himself or herself, the world can now see. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to me, many times, bitter employees also try to shame employers and companies at which they work. Clearly, a recent post of a now former employee fits this description.”