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Palestinian women training as paratroopers in Russia

By Mason White 12:03 PM September 18, 2013
Four Palestinian paratroopers 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
Several Palestinian are training as paratroopers in Russia in order to rival Israeli paratroopers.

Hafith Rifaay, a Palestinian national security spokesperson, said that four Palestinian security officers are being trained as paratroopers in Russia.

The four women will complete a variety of courses in Russia, including parachute training.

“Four women, all i their 20s, were selected for this unparalleled experience in the Arab world and in Palestine in particular,” Rifaay said.

“At first, we were a little scared, but as we remember that we are here to raise the name of our great nation, we forgot our fears and began to watch each other until landed safely,” Manar Barahma, one of the women training in Russia said.

Barahma said she and other officers joined the Palestinian national security force more than a year ago.