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Police officer arrested after stealing police car

By Mason White 2:56 AM September 20, 2013
Stanly Colby 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A police officer was arrested and charged with theft related charges after he allegedly stole a police car, according to police reports in Nebraska.

The Fairbury police officer was arrested near North Platte.

The officer was arrested after being chased by several law enforcement agencies, while in the stolen patrol car.

Authorities in western Nebraska were alerted Saturday afternoon, about a police cruiser theft in Fairbury, which is believed to be driven by a uniformed Fairbury police officer, 40-year-old Stanly Colby.

North Platte police sergeant Jeff Foote said Colby is believed to have been disturbed and was heading to the McCook area.
Just after 6:00 pm, the cruiser was seen near Lexington. Shortly thereafter, Colby was in North Platte.

According to a Lincoln County Deputy, Roland Kramer, the department was informed at 6:40 pm that North Platte police, Lincoln County deputies and state troopers were chasing the stolen police car.

Kramer said that during the chase, Colby avoided spike strips used in an attempt to stop the car. Kramer knew nothing about the speeds involved in the pursuit.

Kramer said Colby finally stopped and was arrested by various agencies, without incident, about six miles south of North Platte.

According to Kramer, several agencies have participated for security reasons. Kramer said: “There were weapons were in the car and he was armed, so safety was a big concern.”

Colby was booked into the Lincoln County Jail for possession of stolen property. Other charges may be added at a later time.