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Man arrested after urinating on produce inside supermarket

By Mason White 5:22 AM September 22, 2013
Produce section at a supermarket illustration 

By: Debbie Gross
A man was arrested and charged with vandalism related charges after he allegedly urinated on produce at a local supermarket, according to police reports in Sweden.

Police said that the man caused damage of about 700 crowns, or $110 in a supermarket in Gothenburg.

The incident happened at a branch in the city Hemkop when the man relieved himself at the fruit and vegetable section of the store. Police were called after stunned onlookers reported that the man had emptied his bladder on a selection of apples and oranges.

“It’s the first time I’ve heard about such an incident,” Victor Prastbacka of the Gothenburg Police said.

He added: “Apparently, the fruits were flushed down the drain.”

When police arrived at the scene the man was aggressive and had to be restrained by guards. It is understood that the man was drunk and was later taken to the police station.

“We are going to question him when he calms down,” a police spokesperson said.

The man was arrested on the spot and later charged with vandalism.

“We will contact the prosecutor and try to get a hearing as soon as possible,” the spokesperson said.