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Rami Levy selling smartphone with Haredi kosher certification

By Mason White 2:04 PM September 25, 2013
Smartphone illustration 

By: David Ross
While Haredi Jews are celebrating the holiday season, the first ultra-Orthodox Jewish kosher smartphone device was revealed.

The device is being manufactured and marketed specifically for Haredi businessmen, who need the phone for calls, text messages, and the use of advanced applications, but do not want to compromise on spiritual values.

Since 2004, the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community began using only kosher handsets. These phones allow phone calls only, and are sold by all cellular companies in Israel.

The fact that the devices do not allow sending text messages or any other use, has significantly lowered the prices of these phones.

Recently, despite the massive campaign waged by Haredi rabbis against smartphones, the first kosher smartphone was revealed.

The kosher smartphones will be sold by Rami Levy. It is expected that other phone companies will begin selling kosher smartphones at a later time.