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Male gorilla evicted from Texas zoo after fighting with female apes

By Mason White 7:33 AM September 27, 2013
Patrick the Western Lowland Gorilla 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video)A male gorilla was thrown out of a zoo in Texas, after it fought with its female counterparts, according to zoo officials.

The male gorilla of the Dallas Zoo will attend therapy after biting a female gorilla and mocking others.

Patrick, Western Lowland Gorilla weighing 429 pounds, will move to the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens in Columbia, South Carolina, where it will live the single life on its own excavations.

South Carolina Zoo is known for working with gorillas that have behavioral problems.

The Dallas Zoo officials said Patrick gets along well with humans, but not with other gorillas.

They said they have tried several times to get it to socialize with the other gorillas, in particular females, hoping it could get along and even breed.

Instead, he bit a female and scoffed at others.

“It’s not like we have not tried, it has been here for 18 years,” Dallas Zoo spokesperson Laurie Holloway said.

Born in New York’s Bronx Zoo in 1990, Patrick was abandoned by its mother and taken to a zoo in Toronto, Canada, where it was raised along with another male of the same age.

At age 5, it was transferred to Dallas, zoo officials said.