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Louisiana pastor shot and killed in front of congregation during service

By Mason White 11:39 AM September 29, 2013
Ronald J. Harris Sr. 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A well-known pastor was shot and killed while holding a service at church, according to police reports in Louisiana.

Lake Charles Police said that a gunman walked into a facility on Friday night, and opened fire on a pastor while he preaching in front of about 60 people. Police also said that after the pastor fell to the ground the suspect stood over him and fired at least one more shot in front of the terrified congregation.

Ronald J. Harris Sr. was in the Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center in Lake Charles at about 8:20 pm when Karey Woodrow, 53, entered the building with a shotgun and fired. Harris was pronounced dead at the scene and Karey fled.

Karey was arrested minutes later after he called the Sheriff’s office, told the dispatcher his location, and that he would surrender, Kim Myers, a spokesperson for the sheriff, said.

Police said that Karey directed them to two weapons he had discarded in a wooded area. One of them was the shotgun used in the killing, and the other was a .22 caliber pistol.

Karey is being held on $1 million bond.