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Store sells Facebook ice cream with great success

By Mason White 12:12 PM September 3, 2013
Facebook ice cream 

By: Shifra Unger
Many people have tried to profit from Facebook and it seems like some are actually successful.

One ice cream store came up with the idea of creating Facebook ice cream, and it is a big hit.

Brothers Admir and Ibi Adili, run the Valentino ice cream shop in Tisno, Croatia. They recently started offering Facebook ice cream for about $1.35 a pop.

Admir said that he came up with the idea of Facebook ice cream after seeing his 15-year-old daughter, Bibi, spending much of her free time on Facebook.

Realizing that the social media giant Facebook was such a huge part of people’s lives, especially the young, he decided to create a blue and white colored ice cream and named it Facebook. The store began attracting many Facebook fans.

All the brothers had to do was make a plain white ice cream, decorate it with blue syrup and add a sign which read “Facebook” on it. Business started rolling in. Believe it or not, the plan did work out better than they could have imagined.

The treat has been a big hit this summer. Adili said that the Facebook ice cream has been going like crazy.
The Facebook ice cream tastes like chewing gum and candy. But it was not the taste that kept customers coming but rather its name, “Facebook”.

When asked if they pay Mark Zuckerberg for the rights to use his trademarked name, the Adili brothers admitted that they have not asked Zuckerberg permission to use the name or the logo of his company for the now famous ice cream. Admir jokingly said “if he calls, I will ask.”