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Wife sues husband for breaking their bed while sleeping with another woman

By Mason White 10:10 AM September 4, 2013
Broken bed illustration 

By: John Roberts
A woman asked a judge to order her cheating husband to pay for a new bed.

The woman is suing her husband after he broke their master bedroom bed while having sex with another woman.

The wife wants to divorce her husband. She filed a petition and asked a judge to dissolve their marriage. She also asked for $200 to replace the broken bed, which she bought last year.

The woman from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, said in an affidavit that she caught her husband, Talent Tafara, twice cheating with other women in their family home.

In court documents, the woman said her life has been “hell” since she got married to Tafara eight years ago.

“He broke the bed, not while having sex with me, but with another woman. I cannot take this anymore,” she said. “I do not want him anymore, what I want is for him to pay for a new bed,” she said.

In his court statement, Tafara admitted to cheating on his wife, but he said he wants to reconcile with her. He also said that he has no money to buy a new bed.

“I’ve caused her much pain, but I would love to reconcile with her. I messed up, but I think everyone deserves a second chance,” Tafara said.