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Boy, 8, uses karate moves to fight off father’s former girlfriend who tried to smother him

By Mason White 12:36 PM September 9, 2013
Jacob Soliz-Amaya and Helen Marie Newsome 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A boy is lucky to be alive after defending himself against his father’s former girlfriend, who tried to kill him.

The 8-year-old of Maryland, used karate moves he learned earlier this year, to escape the vicious murder attempt by his father’s former lover.

The woman is said to have been looking for revenge against the boy’s father after he broke up with her a few days earlier.
Jacob Soliz-Amaya was in bed at 8:00 am on Saturday, when his father’s former girlfriend, Helen Marie Newsome, 26, attacked him.

First, she smothered the boy by covering his head with a pillow, and then she hit him over the head with a dumbbell, leaving the boy with a gash on his head.
“I woke up and I was choking,” Soliz-Amaya said.

Authorities said that Newsome hid in the home in Landover, Maryland, for more than 13 hours waiting for the father, Andy Amaya, to go to work before she went after the child.

The boy, who weighs about 60 pounds, fought back. “I headbutted her, and then I beat her up,” Soliz-Amaya said.
The woman escaped by jumping out the window, but police caught up with her later that day. She was charged with attempted first-degree murder.

The boy was taken to a hospital for treatment. He received 9 staples to close the gash on his head, and has been released from the hospital. The boy said: “She tried to hurt me because she knows that my father loves me more than anything else.”