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Man looking for love on Craigslist exposes 300 men to HIV without disclosing his condition

By Mason White 3:32 PM September 9, 2013
David Lee Mangum 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A man is facing life in prison after he had sex with random partners some of which he met through Craigslist without disclosing that he has HIV.

David Lee Mangum, 36, of Dexter, Missouri, admitted that he had sex with at least 300 men without disclosing that he is HIV positive.
To the contrary, when asked if he was clean, Mangum lied and said that he has no disease, leading men to have unprotected sex with him.

Mangum was arrested after he admitted to exposing more than 300 sexual partners to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
The situation came to light after his former partner had learned that he was HIV positive.

According to the partner, the two met through an advertisement on Craigslist. Mangum assured him that he does not have the disease after which the two began dating.
One day, the partner received a phone call from a former roommate of Mangum saying that Mangum had tested positive for HIV back in 2003.

Under Missouri law, deliberately exposing another person to HIV is a felony. If the victim happens to be infected with the virus, the defendant faces a possible life sentence.
When police interviewed Mangum, he admitted to having sex with more than 300 men since he had tested positive for HIV, but did not tell any of them about his disease and he never used condoms.

When asked why he did not tell his partners that he was HIV positive, Mangum said he did it out of “fear of being rejected.”
Police asked for a list of names of the people he slept with, so they can notify the men to be tested for HIV, and possibly locate more victims of Mangum.

Mangum told police that he only knows the men by their first names, which further complicates efforts to notify potential victims.
Judge Stephen Mitchell has set a cash bond of $250,000. Mangum remains locked up in the Stoddard County Jail while awaiting trial.